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Master Maui Saito and StudentsMaster Maui Saito has taught his family’s ancient and closely guarded, 2000 year old Japanese martial art, Saito Ninjitsu, for nearly forty years.  The art is both powerful and practical – and yet peaceful in nature.  Master Maui has been teaching in the USA from the East to the West Coast, Canada, Europe and the Orient.  He has worked with several law enforcement agencies, sheriff’s departments, security and personal private body guards.  Scottsdale, Arizona, has been his home since 1997, and he currently teaches adults and children in his dojo to great acclaim.  He also teaches people worldwide online, and with instructional DVDs.

Master Maui’s teaching style endears all his students, from the very youngest to the adults mastering the highest levels.  Students remain devoted across the globe.

“This Art was a Gift taught to me by my father Mark K. Saito Sr. 8th Dan Ninjitsu Master which is 8 times the 40 separate Arts of Japan. He was the highest ranking Grand Master of Saito Ninjitsu Mastery.

I asked and was given permission to teach our Saito Family Art by my father. I promise to teach the highest form of this Art.”

Master Maui Saito

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